A reliable name to avail Steam Boilers, Industrial Steam Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, etc. ...


A reliable name to avail Steam Boilers, Industrial Steam Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, etc. ...

About Us

Formed in 2017, HB Tech Services has been growing rapidly with great support from our customers. HB Tech Services prides in itself having secured confidence and trust of several esteemed customers in our market. HB Tech Services is reliable, ethically-focused, quality-centric and financially stable organization focused on high customer satisfaction with unique solutions. Having workspace located in Pune (Maharashtra, India), we are performing each and every business operation as with extreme sincerity.

We are in the business of serving high performance Industrial Burners, Heat Transfer Fluids, boilers & heaters, Evaporative Condensers and much more. We supply these products and services from the best brands in the world.

We have a very effective logistics network. This assists in delivering range well on time to valued clients.

Process Requirement Offered

Services Solutions Offered

Emission control

Sourcing of OEM & Multi-brand parts

Energy saving

Process improvement

Heat distribution

Equipment and accessory sourcing

Heat generation

Process designing & Equipment specifications

Heat transfer

Installation, maintenance & start-up

Value Added Services

HB tech Services is a trusted place upon which customers' can rely to have excellent solutions in the form of great quality products and services.

  • Guaranteed energy cost reduction from reliable partners
  • Heat load and Heat distribution optimization
  • Installation guidance, commissioning & start-up
  • Maintenance services and service contracts
  • Spare parts sourcing
  • Equipment sizing and selections

Spare parts sourcing option is given from our end for multiple equipment with warranty. This makes customers feel lucky to have trusted us.

A rich experience along with global sourcing capabilities make our company, a worth-choosing enterprise for having lasting business deals.

Brands we deal in

We deal in some of the best brands for our products and services

  • BOSCH : Guaranteed energy cost reduction
  • Baltur : Industrial burners
  • Eastman Chemicals (Solutia) : Thermic fluid
  • SPL : Evaporatiove condensers & closed circuit cooling towers

Supply of Equipment & accessories : There is no better company than ours for procuring a wide range of process heating and heat transfer equipment.

Process Heating


Electric Heat Tracing cables

Controls, electric panels, termination boxes, connectors

Hot water generators

Thermic fluid supplying activity for initial charge and top-up

Steam boilers (IBR, non-IBR, SIB)

Ducting, Chimney, tanks, etc., boiler house work

Thermic fluid heaters

Thermic fluid piping & IBR & Non-IBR piping

Products needed for the heating equipment encompasses an impressive range of high efficiency and performance-based equipment:

Fuel Feed & Combustion

Multiple Choice of Fuels

Performance Equipment


Conventional (coal, wood etc)


Drop feed

Agro-waste (Husk, baggasse, DOC, briquettes, shells etc)

Emission control equipment

Fluidised bed

Oil, (LDO, FO, LSHS)


Stroker feed

Gas (Natural gas, LPG)

Water & air pre-heaters

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